Large USB-Powered UV-C Disinfection Box


Large UV-C disinfection box for phone, keys, jewelry, beauty tools, and more. USB-powered, auto-shutoff, and safety feature.

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A large UV-C disinfection box that effectively kills rid germs and bacterias from a wide range of items. The UV-C box is large enough for items like beauty tools, jewellery, baby equipment, mobile phones, and keys.

This UV-C box has a safety feature that automatically shuts down the UV-C LEDs when the cover is opened. Here’s how to disinfect your items.

  1. Place items into the box.
  2. Close the cover.
  3. Press the power-on button.
  4. Turn off the power and remove items after disinfection.


  • Made of ABS
  • Available in Blue.
  • Measures 11″ x 4.8″ x 4.33″ (280mm x 122mm x 110mm )
  • USB-powered.
  • Package includes 1 x UV-C sterilizer box and 1 x USB cable.


  • Free shipping.
  • Delivered in 20 to 38 days.




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